Terrifying Writing Prompts for the CAA Open Mic Fright Night!

Horrific Halloween Prompts for CAA’s Open Mic Fright Night! Muwahaha!

Barrie Writers' Club


BooOOo! A list of horrific writing prompts to devilishly draw out your inner ghastly writing ghoul for the CAA Halloween Open Mic Fright Night!Enjoy and HAPPY HALLO-SCREAM!

  1. You realize someone is watching you from the other side of a mirror hanging in your hotel room…
  2. A farmer grows the biggest pumpkin in the world!
  3. You emptied your basement freezer and found a/an…
  4. You notice liver spots on an elderly woman/man who is sitting next to you on the subway. Her/his spots appear to multiply every time the subway stops to let passengers board or disembark!
  5. You notice your co-workers slowly becoming more lethargic and disconnected from their work, they are becoming more and more like robots every day, why?!
  6. After you fix your analog TV antenna on the roof, you start receiving messages on your TV from the great beyond…
  7. Moonlighting as a vampires’ assistant proves to be…

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