Cycles – Poetry/Prose #napowrimo


“It is always very difficult to go against the wind, and to stand up straight and say no when the easier path is to give in and go in the direction of the wind. I will always remember the image of Elijah Harper’s courage and determination and his profound conviction.” Ghislain Picard, Chief of the Assembly of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador. [1]

Move along as swiftly as the current.
Emerge under the same sky that covers us all.
Embrace the darkness of the night,
walk into the light of each new day.

Let the wind carry your voice across the earth,
don’t ever be silent – for the earth, wind, fire and water never idle.
Know when to be still, and acknowledge what is.
But never lose your sense of what can be.

And when the day descends into the night anew,
to expire what has been,
breathe life into the day that becomes,
over and over again.

When spring appears, nurture your earth;
good, bad and the wind that fills the space in between.

Embrace your summer, live the warmth;
enkindle the flame to ignite a steadfast fire.

The autumn will come to remind you of what has passed,
recount the many leaves that were colored by your choices.

The winter will come, just as every season has waned –
Freezing the current.
Drying the earth.
Blowing out the flame with the wind that once sparked your fire.

Too quickly for some and too slowly for others,
but just as the water flows,
know that the tide will continue forever,
for as long as time was ever known, made by human hands.

Know that this isn’t a beginning to an end,
or an end to a beginning –
That seed was already sown, by the wind created by seasons past,
that carried your very first cries…

With the words that brought you into flesh –
Your voice will always remain, even after your breath has left…

[1] “The Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador acknowledges the courage of Elijah Harper and offers its condolences to his family.” Newswire, 17 May 2013, Web. 25 Nov. 2013.

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