The Human String – Poetry/Prose #Mandiba #NelsonMandela #napowrimo

Fundamentalism in either religion or science does not draw you nearer to G-d/God/Allah etc. nor will it ever impart to you a cohesive understanding of reality.  It will only ever bring you closer to your own vanity and narcissism.

To be both faithful and to uncover what is, is to be able to make amends with both pervasive polarities of humanness within the universal context of our existence. It is a willingness to accept this conflict as a necessary evolution of both human passion and logical reasoning, together. Only by achieving this ambiguity will it lead you to ultimate clarity.

The Human String

I am…
I am a person who has a nation and struggles to make ends meet.
I am a person without a nation who struggles on the battlefield of existence.

I am a prisoner.
I am a refugee.

I am a person who exists within everyone.
I am a person who exists within no one.

I am a student.
I am a teacher.

“I follow my own beat.”
“I play by the rules.”

I am eccentric.
I am common.

I am revolutionary.
I am conservative.

I am a fighter.
I am a pacifist.

I am a mother.
I am a father.

I am a daughter.
I am a son.

I am a person with no rights.
I am a person with rights.

I am a construct of nature.
I am a construct of environment.

I am a construct of great wealth.
I am a construct of even greater poverty.

I am a leader.
I am a government.

I am a villain.
I am a hero.

I am a deviant.
I am a follower.

I am a healer.
I am a patient.

I am a rabbi.
I am a priest.
I am a mullah.

I am a catalyst.
I am a messenger.

I am the spark of ignition.
I am the flame of destruction.

I am part human.
I am part divine.

I am bad.
I am good.

I am neither
bad nor good…

I am fallible.
I am eternal.

I am both.

I am…
and so are each of You.


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