A Poem for Spoken Word… White Propaganda

White Propaganda

White Propaganda.
Poetry/Spoken Word


What do we tell ourselves…?
when reading between the lines
absent from our unconscious signs
but displayed across our faces
revealing blatant microexperessions
attempting to amuse and satisfy
our inner brutish critics we secretly glorify
just to deceive an equally flawed audience


What do we tell ourselves…?
to cover all of our bases
to reveal only our pleasant social graces
pacifying inner silent fleshy rules
our truths never barefaced among
fettered pieces of our desperation
collected only to placate cultural disambiguation
parlaying pieces of tattered bluff


What do we tell ourselves…?
that unawareness already made visible
a view from nowhere newly divisible
a confabulation created by a selected few
to confuse and censor an entire civilization
for an economy stitched together by debt
from wars between factions that pose no threat
a cohesive individual and collective indoctrination


What do we really tell ourselves?


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