At the Olympics Canada Reminds the World that they Love 2 Things: Building Fridges and Drinking Beer

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The Average Nobodies

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Among the sights and sounds of the 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi is a refrigerator filled with free beer, but not everyone can open it. Next to the door is a special slot for passports, and the door will only open when a Canadian passport is inserted. Behind the scenes the fridges are using a webcam to verify the passport scans, says Time, though once the door is opened all bets are off on the drinker’s nationality. – The Verge

I am so mad at America for not thinking of this. Like so mad that I might move to the great white north so I don;t ever have to be embarrassed like this again. This was a chance for America to show the world how clever we are at drinking beer. Instead, our friendly neighbors to the north are stealing the show over in Sochi. Canada, over the past year…

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