…And so it began: Dioecy, the first chapter.

Dioecy, the first chapter.

I like to keep my chapters short. Simply because, those of us firmly embedded within Generation-Techno, have an attention span comparable to the average life span of a common Fruit Fly (40-50 days) – much like the technology that’s always glued to our hands.

So here’s to our drained attention spans in this face-paced world and to this generation’s technologically imposed ADHD disorder. ;)


*Ooh! Look! Something shiny and new!

Dioecy – Chapter 1.

Medical/Realist-Science Fiction. Like Michael Crichton but not as amazing - yet....A work in progress ;)
Biopunk/Medical Science Fiction
Photography by:
 Clayface by Sarah Klockars-Clauser.
 Stockvault (http://www.stockvault.net/):
 "Twilight"; "Chemistry"; "Grunge Tag".
 Design by SM CADMAN - Serif PagePlus 6 and Adobe PS CS6.

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