…Excuse me, what did Fareed Zakaria on CNN’s GPS just say?!


And I was able to find the original question:

Fareed Zakaria: “What if, suddenly, Russian power showed up in Canada and Mexico and provinces of Canada and Mexico said they were going to join Putin’s Eurasian economic union and maybe even his military bloc? Surely the American president would have to react at least as forcefully as Putin has.”

From: http://www.newrepublic.com/article/116820/vladimir-putin-defended-american-leftist

Biased. But still has the original question posed to NYU Professor Stephen F. Cohen.  Hmm…I also didn’t realize that being Pro-Human was also considered, Leftist or any other bizarre political label. Ruh-roh…;)

I happened to throw on CNN (as I often do) and was half-listening to it, when I heard the weirdest question ever posed by a news journalist to a Professor Emeritus Cohen of-some-elitist-unnamed-university. It was by far the oddest piece of deliberate propaganda ever disguised as a question that I’ve ever heard.

Paraphrased, as it appears that CNN was bright enough not to pull a FOX News blunder (or haven’t done so yet) and posted the original video of this faux-question on their website:

“Do you think America will invade Canada?” Fareed Zakaria of GPS asked Kohanim-Professor-Emeritus-Smarty-Pants who could be suffering from Dunning-Kruger effect (at that point, I thought anything was possible). Supposedly a specialist in all things Mother Russia….NYET!

Hide your Babushka, Mr. Putin. Hide your Bubbe too, Mr. Cohen. It appears that instead of moving forward on this revolving ball of dirt, we’re now being thrown back into the Dark Ages with a new Cold War. And without the Vodka or perhaps even the Manischewitz. How unfortunate….

And he was actually doing a fairly decent job of portraying Putin in a realistic way. Without adding to any more of the disinformation of whatever America is intent on disrupting for their economic Melting Pot that has been long stewing in Stolichnaya rage.

But then another reply sprung forth out of his lips, to the effect of:

“No! Never, blah-blah-blah,” he declared. And unfortunately, that was it!

He then carried on without even inquiring as to why Zechariah err Zakaria would ask such a harmful and deliberately loaded, question in the first place. He didn’t he even stop to call him out on his logical fallacy. This came from a well-educated man of learned discourse too. It was very alarming, DAH!

Here’s why:

Canada, Mexico, China, Russia, Cuba, Brazil (and most of South America) along with most of Africa have had for some time now, extremely beneficial and close trade partnerships. We made a concerted effort to foresee what was coming. This happened years before even our Prime Minister Stephen Harper ever visited Palestine and Israel. And we’ve just had the Aga Khan address our House of Commons recently, and he did so rather eloquently too. This was a complete about-face for Fareed Zakaria who had earlier this year praised Canada for its immigration, education and health care policies.

CNN often replayed his GPS immigration segment-series where Zakaria openly dissed America. He asserted that they had both an archaic immigration/”illegal alien” bias and health care system, along with out-dated education policies.

For which most of North America and especially the US has profited from these “illegal aliens”, who are human beings not species from another planet. They have looked after your children; grown and cultivated our food; cooked your food; cleaned your homes; maintained your Soylent Green Glow-in-the-Dark lawns (céspedes), and did all the work you were unwilling to do. Without them, a good portion of North America cannot run. They are more valuable than any redundant professor, law-maker or government official could ever hope to be. They are your saving grace and your life-blood. Part of North America’s history too.

He went on to speak of how Japan was even failing too with its very closed immigration policies. He asserted (and correctly) that these policies have hurt Japan’s very collectivistic society by censoring needed population growth that promotes innovation. Japan will experience an enormous population decline by 2050. He compared these quagmires to what America has similarly faced with its own immigration policies.

The same could be said about all nations who have purposely done harm to censor and cause unfounded apartheid within any area for profit. From the Palestinians who warmly welcomed Jews into their land; to the brutality of apartheid within South Africa. And even in America, during its early days with African-American segregation. Unfortunately with almost the same atrocities still occurring every day in America.

But don’t assume Canada has been immune to these hardships also, we also carry this same shame too.

Darwinism was used as weapon and reason for colonizing our Native and indigenous populations. Human beings so suppressed are now dwindling and faltering still in the wake of this decimation. These owners of this land, People Without Borders. Who have endured countless criminal acts committed against them, simply for colonization, of their land, people and resources. Many have been imprisoned and have never recovered. This stigmata still remains and lives in every generation thereafter. Families dismantled, gone forever.

Thousands-upon-thousands were packed-off to social control re-education “boarding schools”, to annihilate the Indian within them. All across North America. The worst “schools” being within the borders of what expats of the British Empire ignorantly misinterpreted as rechristened as Canada. Some were even experimented upon to gauge the effects of malnutrition. They were tortured, abused and murdered for flimsy, baseless science.

Chinese and Asian immigrants were also not spared the wrath of new Canada. They were forced to construct a railroad to connect this Canada. Later, with Japanese Canadians: they were stripped of possessions, some even expelled or put into Concentration Camps during WWII and post-Pearl Harbor.

Even our beloved Québec with fervent separatism now looming on the horizon once again, has also withstood many atrocities perpetrated against separatists. Likewise for those who support what Canada is now supposed to be about: Multiculturalism, freedom of religion and freedom to communicate in the language of their choice. Freedom of expression. Freedom to be who and what you are.

Foreigners bring education, insight and technology into whatever nation they enter but always must respect where they are. It’s what we do. Travel. Proliferate. The majority of us now able to live quite peacefully and respectfully. Archaic Darwinism and eugenics cannot be tolerated anywhere by anyone, because it is against being human.

Diaspora, as is the case for all humans that both walked out of Africa and those who chose to remain, enhance everything only by sharing. Zero-Sum games are not to be played by harming people and trading them about as debt for unsound economics. People are not the debt of nations, they are wealth and prosperity of Earth.

By ignoring and denying who and what is rich about us, or even our connected ancestry, stalls innovation. It denies progress, for everyone.

Post-script: If you want to ask better, more informed questions Mr. Zakaria, why not ask why America sold most its citizens personal debt to China? And without even informing them of this transaction. Or how it is that your top 1-2% has backed terrorism on foreign soil, only for economic uplift, profit. Or have even condoned spying in areas that are not yours, for censorship and social control.

Is this what this new war is about? Debt, usury? Against even all three of the major Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam (in that order).  Over resources no less? Or is this a vendetta for the USS Snowden disembarking in Russia, along with your former Booz-Hamilton contractor? We love the American people, it’s those in charge we’re growing weary and distraught by. There’s only so much we can take.

I hope you do realize though, that Canada has the world’s second largest resources of oil and gas resources on earth. You may want to reconsider which propaganda you choose to peddle to your audience. Then consider why you are doing it, and even who’s funding it…Oh and in México, they are called States not Provinces as in Canada. They are a Republic,  Estados Unidos Mexicanos.  Much like your United States of America are also.

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