SMF, Standard Manuscript Format: What’s that?! PDF References.

What’s SMF, Standard Manuscript Format?! Read and find out :)

Barrie Writers' Club

Downloadable PDF’s on what exactly is Standard Manuscript Format (SMF) and how to properly format your work when submitting it.  But always read the guidelines for any publisher, agent, contest etc.  Follow what they specify for submissions, exactly.  When in doubt, use SMF.

1. GUIDELINE & TIPS – Standard Manuscript Format

2. TITLE PAGE – Standard Manuscript Format

3. NOVEL & SHORT STORY – Standard Manuscript Format

Curious about how to insert place holder text into a document with Microsoft Word?  It’s easy!  I swear.
Simply type this in an open Word Document then press “enter”:

Microsoft Word 2007+

=lorem (P, L)

Microsoft Word <2003

=rand (P, L)

It will insert this nifty Lorem Ipsum place-holding text. It comes in handy!

P=for the number of paragraphs needed.  And L= for the number of lines, “sentences” needed.

So if I type: =lorem (1, 5) it will produce this:

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit…

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