Character Arc: What do your characters do for your story?

Character Arc and interrogation techniques to squeeze the best out of your characters…Muwahaha! >:) Go, act in words. Tell their story. ;)

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PDF references: Character Arc and Interview questions to ask your characters…;) Have fun. Let go and most importantly, act with your words!  The more quirky, dramatic and passionate your characters, the better your story becomes.

Sourced from the lovely and seductive Romance author, Charlotte Dillon. She has graciously created this Character Arc and these questions, open-source for all writers, so go thank her! ;) I just formatted, copy-edited her work and put them into PDF’s for accessibility. You can download them and print them off at your leisure. Spend some time truly getting acquainted with your characters.

Hint: You may just find they’re nothing like you at all…And NO! You don’t have to use every character attribute nor every question listed; and this isn’t only a resource for Romance writers, it’s for anyone who writes :)

Character Arc

Interviewing Your Characters

You can view Charlotte Dillon’s original Character Arc work here:

Character Arc and Questions.

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