Sunset – Just When I Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Better !

652 different perspectives of one amazing sunset on earth :)

Don Charisma

I keep thinking I’ve taken and seen the perfect sunset, and then I go out to shoot another that leaves me in awe. This evening’s was again, stunning – 652 photos in a little over an hour !

I know you guys know that I don’t bullshit, but here have a look at the folder in Windows :

I’ve included the full size jpeg file (big – 3374 x 2103 pixels), so worth a click …

Why post this ? Well I wanted to show how much the sunset changes over the course of an hour. Also hoping Richard Branson will read and send me a new iPhone with 128GB storage, as I keep on running out of space. I’ve added him on Google+ plus but he hasn’t added me back … YET !

How I can keep on topping myself, I have no idea, it’s all in god’s hands really…

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