…About Time, Birthday’s And Being Human In This Universe.


“The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.” C. S. Lewis

Scientific American: How We Make Sense of Time


I hate birthdays. And mine is quickly edging closer… I’ve never been particularly fond of them. In some situations, I have often felt either too mature or too youthful. I’m not entirely sure that chronological age is an accurate marker for either predicament. I’ve been both an early and late bloomer. Synchronicity and me just don’t fit together. Perhaps it also depends on whatever particular situation or element of life that I encounter. I don’t understand this as a good or bad thing; it just is as it is.

I asked my mum about this; milestones and such; the general things that get us humans off and running. Her answers (whether she was fibbing or not, who knows) were curious. She said that I was walking around nine-ten months old and my brother a bit later, and we were both talking in sentences around one or two years of age.

But I doubt any of these markers of life truly mean anything, especially when I found out that Einstein didn’t speak until age three. So I asked my mum about that also, her answer was: “Oh – He was just profound and probably busy thinking and considering things* first.” And so I considered this too – He often gets a bad rap or labelled as having a “learning disorder,” heck even his household servant/maid had believed he was developmentally delayed. But he wasn’t…Obviously.

I also considered just how long it took my mum to have children too. She struggled with fertility and had sought help from Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto.

It took her thirteen years of “trying” to have a child. When she finally got through most of the appointments there, a nurse asked her, “before we begin, is there any chance that you may be pregnant?” my mum taken aback answered, “well I don’t think so – that’s why I’m here…” but the doctor nonetheless ordered the pregnancy test prior to any fertility treatments because they needed to do radiology-type testing first.

And that’s when she also found out that she didn’t need any fertility treatments, because I was already created* (so to speak). And ten months later I was born at Mount Sinai. My brother then made his appearance two and half years later. By all accounts, she was also asynchronous too. So what I’ve come to understand is the construct of time perhaps doesn’t mesh well with my gene pool. But it appears to run rather smoothly with many other people. They have their habits; patterns and lives dictated by the confinement of time.

They have goals to do certain things according to an ill-conceived concept of it along with a too orderly format of how crucial life events should occur. They believe that this time-keeping must dictate the entire universe, so they follow along this course. But really how valid is this concept?

Even time is often hotly debated in scientific circles. Oh yes – they have many theories that posit certain time-frames for such things…But when did life actually appear on earth? Is there life beyond earth and do they adhere to our concepts of it, or have we misinterpreted the entire gist of it? How long has it been since the Big-Bang? I’m afraid I don’t know but somehow I don’t think they have any conclusive, nailed down facts on this matter, yet. It’s hard to “reproduce [the] reality” (or unreality?) of time and then test against it. So theories and ambiguity is what we’re stuck with for now.

There are even multiple ways of counting time, a plethora of Common Era  calendars, to very archaic counting systems to keep track of everything. But what if we’re wrong and then perhaps so was Einstein too? And what if we’re simply creating time as we go…?

It’s a curious concept, that we may indeed be creating this concept of time as we move along or uncover certain mysteries. Or even that there may be some error correcting code built within us and the universe that says when things must happen. So birthdays, could mean absolutely nothing in the greater scheme of what could be, and so could time itself.

I found a list of late bloomers on Wikipedia, so keep plugging away and know that time isn’t an accurate marker of being human nor probably of even the universe…It’s open to interpretation; and its effect on us, really is ambiguous.

And the exact time I was born at? 07:07. Is that lucky or not? I don’t know. Time will tell or it won’t :)

Late Bloomers:

Albert Einstein
Thomas Edison
Richard Feynman
Edward Teller
Richard Branson
Charles R. Schwab
Pablo Picasso
Tom Cruise
Whoopi Goldberg
Tim Page
Vernon L. Smith
W.B. Yeats
Pierre Elliot Trudeau
Mark Twain
Johann von Goethe
Meryl Streep
Alan Rickman
Danny Aiello
Peg Phillips
Rodney Dangerfield
Zelda Rubinstein
Chi McBride
Judd Hirsch
George Wendt
Brian Dennehy
Grandma Moses
Bill Traylor
Mary Delany
Taikichiro Mori
Kazuo Ohno
Kurt Warner
Randy Johnson
Eugène Ehrhart
Caspar Wessel
George Green
Alexandre-Théophile Vandermonde
Roger Apéry
Anton Bruckner
Leonard Cohen
Mary Wesley
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Frank McCourt
Wallace Stevens


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