Writing Prompts: Week of April 13th to April 19th, 2014.

Writing prompts! Week of April 13th-19th, 2014.

Barrie Writers' Club

Awake - Spring

Writing Prompts:


  1. Your new hot tub looks like a spaceship with all the buttons, lights and other gadgets – oh and it can fly…
  2. A diver’s underwater camera records an unusual event with strange creatures…
  3. Fifteen years after a toxic spill in a small town, strange things are now happening…
  4. Write down thirty words that describe your life. But use them to create a poem about something other than your life.
  5. While visiting a senile relative in a nursing home, you discover that it’s haunted by the residents who have previously died there…
  6. Pulling the file from the cabinet, images rushed through his/her head. He/she opened the file and re-read the report. It was something he/she had hoped to forget…
  7. He/she screamed, “don’t touch that soap!” but the warning came too late.
  8. After your workout at the gym you open your locker to find a note with the world, “HELP!” scribbled…

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