Writing Prompts: May 1st – 11th, 2014.

Prompts :D

Barrie Writers' Club

Prompts Spring

  1. Turn on the local weather forecast and imagine the current conditions taken to the extreme. Write a short story about one aspect of it.
  2. Write about life in a town a day before a tornado strikes…
  3. A grandparent or parent shares their memories about a war with you…
  4. Write a mock/parody editorial about something absurd.
  5. Your friend discovers an alternative fuel and the car makers try to kill him.
  6. You receive a random phone call from the future…
  7. Use these words in a poem or short story: Mexico – Statistic – Swordfish.
  8. I thought it was a trombone!
  9. Write about the formation of an unlikely friendship.
  10. Write a short piece that includes these words: Competitor – Mirror – Skill.
  11. Think of two random names then use them in a brief dialogue about plants.
  12. Force a relationship between two seemingly different things. Try: How is a knife like a map?
  13. Open…

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