The Light is Different Now – Poetry/Prose #napowrimo


The Light is Different Now

The Light is somehow different now,
As it permeates through the atmosphere
Rays dropping charged up quanta.
From an infinite amount of space,
Beyond the reach of human hands.

Burning up the matter, entering everything
That lives and even what does not.
A forceful blow from across the manifolds of
Space, with no dichotomy between
Either or of each other.

And even as the darkest space spits out
Bits of energy, away from a vacuum
That quelled a fire so deep, for so long
At a velocity too intense to even imagine
It splits apart the darkness of creation.

Revealing everything that ever was,
Or will be, stirring awake those who
Were idle to exist on a history that was
So wrought by vanity and despair
Left behind at the end of the universe –

The torch has been lit, ignited; setting all ablaze
By a force so great and intense that
There is no way to passively accept the
Purposely defective, encoded Light from before –
Destroyed to allow a new filter of perception.

~Sara :)