Writing Prompts: May 29th – June 6th 2014.

Writing Prompts :)

Barrie Writers' Club


Writing Prompts


  1. One day the postman brought me a letter from…
  2. You are being driven around by the worst driver ever.
  3. Pick a random person that you know and use their name for an acrostic.
  4. “What a time to forget my cell phone!”
  5. A blocked number repeatedly calls your cell phone. After a few days, you answer it only to hear someone whispering, “help!”
  6. You take a wrong turn when driving through a foreign country. What happens next?
  7. You can see through a mirror to alternate dimension…
  8. You overhear a confession.
  9. Genetically altered vegetables begin to alter human consumers…
  10. Write a scary story using a freak accident as an important component in the plot.
  11. You mistakenly enter a room through a door marked, “For Authorized Personnel Only”.
  12. Write a letter from the angriest person in the world.
  13. Write a letter from the happiest person in the world.
  14. A struggling…

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