Writing Prompts: July 10th – July 21st, 2014.

Creative Writing Prompts ;)

Barrie Writers' Club


Writing Prompts:

July 10th – July 21st, 2014.


  1. You found a winning lottery ticket in a bus station.
  2. You can’t decide between a vacation in the mountains or at the beach, so you …
  3. Your utilities are suddenly shut off in your home.
  4. The copier wasn’t working again and I was on my last nerve when suddenly…
  5. The car’s battery suddenly died on the way to the awards ceremony and she/he was expecting to win the top award….
  6. She/he was so glad that she/he made the mistake of doing…
  7. A couple searching for a new town to raise their baby in, thought they had asked all the right questions… Unfortunately, they forgot to ask the most important one…
  8. The person you’re most compatible with turns out to be an artificially intelligent (AI) computer.
  9. Write about spending a day with your personal hero (living or dead).
  10. A movie rental isn’t…

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