Writing Prompts – Week of January 19th to January 25th, 2015.


Writing Prompts:

  1. Paint splattered on a canvas… Think Jackson Pollock.
  2. “Funny colored hat, crazy shoes, weird handbag, and dazzling hair – I’m so ready for this interview!” you think to yourself…
  3. A couple helicopter to a remote island for a romantic dinner and end up being forgotten in an oncoming tropical storm.
  4. Write a story in which exactly five different things go ‘click’.
  5. At Target‘s customer service counter you plead with the representative, “It’s a package deal? What if I just want the package without the deal, or the deal without the package?”
  6. Close your eyes, spin yourself around, then with your eyes still closed, point to something. Open your eyes and write about what you’ve pointed to.
  7. Write a love poem from the perspective of a pirate writing to the woman he loves. Think kim dotcom and his wife with his dots (children) :p
  8. An old man finds a coin that reminds him of a special day from his youth.
  9. The bridegroom insists he wants to wear lime-green socks at his wedding, to match his tie. You have to buy the socks for him.
  10. Write a poem about the number three.
  11. A detective constable and his/her cat communicate telepathically while they try to stop the criminals from taking over the pet food industry.
  12. Read the story of Matt DeHart at National Post, here then use these four words in a fictional story that resolves his plight: Hacker – Creeper – Soldier – Spy. (Additional information about Anonymous may be found here at Wikipedia too.)
  13. You are a Roman gladiator in a strange arena and the lions are…
  14. Two males pick up a female hitchhiker who makes their lives very difficult.
  15. What I know about myself is…
  16. An Apple employee dies during a secret business meeting in BeijingPeople’s Republic of China where he had gone to investigate new malware called, WireLurker.
  17. You’re a famous YouTuber on YouTube. You’ve just said, “That’s it for this edition about gaming” (or substitute this topic for another if you wish) when something happens…
  18. Blue cheese or bleu cheese?

Prompts from: Apple Apps Store, Writing Prompts by 21 x 20 Media, Inc. Download with iTunes here. And from Writing.com. With grammar and typos of prompts corrected, copy-edited and tweaked for relevance.

Original written and posted by me (SM CADMAN), co-editor/content and resources creator at the official Barrie Writers’ Club website.

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