A quick hack to widen the new WordPress.com stats page

Clever Penguin ;) Also can view search terms made too. Often with location, IP’s & hostmasks. With a few minor hacks* >:p

`The Penguin' says...

Update 2015-03-16:More hacks to the new stats page

If you blog on WordPress.com, you’ve probably encountered the new stats page. It currently looks something like this:

There’s been a big uproar about it and the overall UI change that WordPress.com is undergoing, with multiple forum threads created to complain about them (see Massive changes to the WP interface, Stats Classics: How to set?, and Classic Stats: How to set TWO, not closed., to name a few). It seems that much of the focus on the redesign was towards making the interface more mobile-friendly, and the desktop experience has suffered because of that. The first version had only one column, but now they’ve added two columns after seeing some of the complaints. Thankfully, the old stats page is still available for now, but the plan is to retire it eventually.

The sidebar isn’t collapsible in the…

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