Writing Prompts – Week of Monday, March 2nd. to Sunday March 8th., 2015.

Writing Prompts:

  1. You see, the slice of cake was just sitting there…
  2. “Crying never got you nowhere so suck it up already, child.”
  3. You strike up a conversation with a stranger in the check-out line at the grocery store who, as it turns out, is not a stranger at all.
  4. You fall in love with someone you have never met in person.
  5. Write about the smallest insect you’ve ever seen.
  6. I was sitting at my desk, working on a case. She walked in and sat down right in front of me. Neither of us said a word.
  7. A bus full of people vanishes.
  8. Open up a magazine and point to a random picture. Write about the people in the picture. What are they doing?
  9. “Math was never my favorite subject, but I would have studied up more had I known this day would come.”
  10. “You know it’s Sunday when …”
  11. A man at a florist overhears an order being sent to his wife at her job.
  12. I had nothing to lose, so I…
Prompts from: Apple Apps Store, Writing Prompts by 21 x 20 Media, Inc. Download with iTunes here and from Writing.com. With grammar and typos of prompts corrected, copy-edited and tweaked for relevance.

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