CONSENT – No. Poetry/Prose

The Body

“No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye.”
Elizabeth Bowen¹

Prose/Poetry by SM CADMAN

No, you do not have my consent:
To treat me like a piece of trash;
To purposely misunderstand or misconstrue what I do or say
Or even invent nonsense to harm me.

No, you do not have my consent when:
You grab me or physically hurt me;
Or purposely use emotional shaming
To silence or assert control over me.

No, you do not have my consent to harm me with:
Games that lead me to nowhere –
Tricks that only justify both
Your lack of empathy and sympathy.

No, I do not consent to your:
Misinterpretations or obfuscations;
I’m unwilling to explain what I may understand to you
Because my time is just as valuable as yours is.

No, I cannot consent to you:
Believing that you understand everything
When just as I do, I know you do not.
You may say whatever you wish but know I cannot listen.

No, I cannot consent to take on the role of:
Scapegoat; Black Sheep or anything else black or white.
Or any other nonsensical interpretations
You have created.

No, I do not consent to you using anything
You’ve created as a weapon against
Who and what I know myself not to be.
I cannot and will not consent.

I know exactly who I am
But I don’t think you do.
And I’m thankful that I understand this,
Because now, I do know you.


¹”Elizabeth Bowen.” Xplore Inc, 2015. 14 March 2015.

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