Ex-Canadian astronaut Julie Payette says Mars One, the one-way mission to the red planet, is going nowhere

On a one-way ticket to Mars? Not so fast… Chances are you won’t be within the next 10 years or so.

National Post

MONTREAL — Former Canadian astronaut Julie Payette doesn’t believe the controversial one-way mission to send people to live on Mars will fly.

Dutch-based Mars One wants to establish a colony on the red planet by 2025 and six Canadians are among the 100 finalists still in the running.

The $6-billion project calls for the use of existing technology and would be funded through sponsors, private investors and a reality TV show.

But Ms. Payette said Wednesday that “nobody is going anywhere in 10 years.”

“We don’t have the technology to go to Mars, with everything we know today, so I don’t think that a marketing company and a TV-type of selection, is sending anybody anywhere,” she said.

“So, if you meet any of those people, don’t tell them they’re courageous because the only courage they had was to sign up on a website.”

Engineers at Boston-based MIT, who analyzed the…

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