Words [The Writer] – Poetry/prose #napowrimo


Words [The Writer]

I know why you censor my words;
They have the ability to create and recreate
Entire pasts, presents and futures;
I can breathe life into innocuous letters,
Challenge the way you think, feel
And even understand…
I know why you censor my words.

I know why you are afraid;
With one sentence I can wipe away
Ignorance, create what I speak of
Push you into another existence just
By the words I scribe, I can ignite
Fires that never die…
I know why you are afraid.

I know why you remain hidden;
Dictating what you think should be
Instead of what will be, wandering
Place-to-Place, lost in a sea of
Words that code the very existence
You breathe in…
I know why you remain hidden.

I know why you hate change;
The very thought of an existence
Without your wars, currency or
A debt that will never rise nor
Fall ever again; control gone
In a moment of heated words…
I know why you hate change.

I know why you feel;
Why you think;
Why you do what you do;
Why you move in circles around
The same paragraphs which brought
You to me…
I know why you feel.

I know why change will happen
Whether you choose it or not;
The beginning is just the ending
To another set of words, a new
Narrative rebuilt from the old
Code, reborn again…
I know why change will happen.

I write to create what was, what is and what will be…
And I know why you cannot stop the future.

The future has already arrived with this sentence.