Nala’s Story, Part Four

Nala’s Story, Part Four by Mark Gardner. He used writing prompt #8 “Write about the number 13.” from post:

Article 94


[545 words – SM Cadman]The sun began its rise as it did every day in the east. For Nala, it was a day like any other: mundane and inane. The taskmaster yanked on the chains linking his wares numbered thirteen. Their bare feet shuffling against the manacles and constant pull of their bindings. Each step seemed to add to the grit floating only inches above the ground. The taskmaster shouted out prices for his wares that were exorbitant.

Nala looked towards the sky as she trudged along. Pray for rain, she thought. It was during the long trek to the market that she was grateful for the thin ruqun, the woven cotton breathed well in the oppressive heat.

“Such a delicate flower, wilting in the sun.”

Nala reloaded the scowl she constantly wore with fresh scorn. She stared ahead and ignored the handsome man. He couldn’t’ve been older than twenty, and the fresh style of his…

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