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I will be covering FAT next week! This will be first time and I am obviously stoked beyond words! Not sure what to expect but have only heard awesome things about it. Hope to see you there!

Fashion Art Toronto













The #MADEINCANADA focus takes inspiration from Canadian landscape, culture & history. Participants will present fashion and art based on five sub-themes over five days:

April 21 – 
COLD NORTH – Ready-to-wear and experimental fashion that is minimal, monochromatic, stark and functional. Featuring structured, exaggerated & unisex looks by Seraghadaki and Parsons School of Design grad, Masha Ruginets’ contradictory designs.

April 22 – GROUP OF SEVEN – Art, history and nature inspire colorful, innovative and theatrical collections. Highlighting SS&CO’s couture knitwear looks in an autumn palette, Mitra Ghavamian’srepurposed collection and Starkers’ Edwardian inspired gowns and corsets.

April 23 – NORTHERN…

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