Writing Prompts, Week of Monday, April 20th to Sunday April 26th, 2015.

Writing Prompts:

  1. The dentist tells you, you have one-in-a-million molars, and he’ll give you a million bucks for them.
  2. A clown appears at the back of the garden during a birthday party but nobody else sees him…
  3. 61, 791, 615, 22, 5 and 9.
  4. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Or my ears. Or my hair. Or my toenails.
  5. A story which includes the words, “That’s not what I said.”
  6. Flying saucers land outside a remote countryside village and the local townspeople make first contact.
  7. Just then, a mouse wearing a tuxedo stood up and asked that everyone be seated.
  8. Every time one gifted toddler says boo, the weather changes for the better.
  9. What did the Ouija board spell?
  10. A company head finds an unexpected vice in one of his managers he thought he knew well.

Prompts from: Apple Apps Store, Writing Prompts by 21 x 20 Media, Inc. Download with iTunes here and from Writing.com. With grammar and typos of prompts corrected, copy-edited and tweaked for relevance.


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