Writing Prompts, Week of Monday, April 27th to Sunday May 3rd, 2015.

Music Writing Prompts: What ignites your writing fire?

Writing a story isn’t only contained to short stories and novels, it can also be told alongside music, it’s poetry and prose set to a tune. These words strung together can tell intimate and profound tales.
Most musicians, rappers and composers are also very good poets and writers. They see and feel written words as sounds and instinctively know how they should fit together with the music they produce. So this week I thought I’d give you a selection of videos of differing genres; some old, some new, but each tell a story.
Listen to one of the examples given below and be inspired or even research one of your own favorite musical pieces and write a piece of poetry for a new song. Perhaps you even play a musical instrument, set your poetry to music if you choose, just write your story :)

Music videos or choose your own favorite song as inspiration!

Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Kygo Remix)

Skrillex – Summit (feat. Ellie Goulding) [Video by Pilerats]

Oasis – Wonderwall – Official Video

MAGIC! – No Way No

Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars (Official audio)

Tupac – Changes

Tupac – Me Against The World

SHAD – Rose Garden (Official Video)

Respect – Aretha Franklin

The Beatles – In My Life

Inspired by a Twitter friend of mine and our dueling music videos we do. Catch up with him at: @ronsense64  on Twitter where he gives free hugs for follows ;) And his blog where he writes amazingly hilarious Haiku at: http://ronsense64.blogspot.ca/


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