Film & Media Edition: Writing Prompts, Week of Monday June 8th to Sunday June 14th, 2015

Writing Prompts:

  • List ten things you do when you procrastinate then turn them into a television advertisement for an ADHD medication and/or products.  Use this as your tagline: I never finish what I… 
  • Retell the Nativity Story in modern or urban/ghetto diatribe-language. Feel free to channel the West Coast Hip-Hop style of Tupac Shakur or if you want to be grittier, go East Coast style with Jay-Z.
  • Write about what you’d say to an unexpected guest use the film “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” with Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier and Katharine Hepburn or for Generation X-Y (Millennials) use the rebooted version, “Guess Who” with Bernie Mac, Ashton Kutcher and Zoë Saldaña.  What happens next? Tell us!
  • Write an excuse for not working today or missing school. Think “Office Space” with Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston and the curious case of employee redundancy with the character Milton. Or “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” with Matthew Broderick, Mia Sara and perhaps elaborate further upon Ben Stein’s characters’ infamous monotone teaching soliloquy.
  • Imagine your life is now a book sitting on a store shelf.  A book, you didn’t authorize!  – What does the blurb on the inside of the book cover reveal? Think “Oprah: A Biography by Kitty Kelley or “Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography” by Andrew Morton. Make it under 500 words and all of it complete fiction!
  •  Create a story, script, play or poem inspired by a line in a Margret Atwood novel, film, story or poem.

Movie Plot Remixes:

  • A Hippie or Hipster (for Gen. X-Y) bride and groom have a way-out-there New Age wedding!  Tell us what transpires…Think “Betsy’s Wedding” with Alan Alda and Molly Ringwald or the original film version of “The In-Laws” with Peter Falk and Alan Arkin.
  •  A handsome college graduate student who’s working as a pizza delivery boy gets a very special tip…Think “The Graduate “ with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft or “Loverboy” with Patrick Dempsey, Kirstie Alley and Carrie Fisher.
  •  A river rafting trip leads to new friends and enemies…Think “Deliverance” with Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds for a darker perspective or for Gen. X-Y try a tamer reboot of “Without a Paddle” starring Seth Green, Matthew Lillard and Dax Shepard.
  •  A good friend becomes a leader of a cult or high priest in a coven of witches…Think “Sound of My Voice” with Brit Marling, “Rosemary’s Baby” with Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon and Ralph Bellamy or for Gen. X-Y:  “The Craft” with Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk and Neve Campbell.

***If you’re feeling especially brave, mix a few of these plots and characters together and write a farcical type of story!***

Prompts from: Apple Apps Store, Writing Prompts by 21 x 20 Media, Inc. Download with iTunes here and from With grammar and typos of prompts corrected, copy-edited and tweaked for relevance.



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