Barrie Writers’ Club 2nd Anthology – SMF and Guidelines For Submissions

Barrie Writers' Club

It’s that time again. Barrie Writers’ Club is venturing into the journey of working on our next anthology, Unleashed Ink II. This is an opportunity to walk through the steps of writing, critiquing, editing, accepting critiques, making changes and receiving a publishing credit.

Below you’ll find PDF’s with the Guidelines and SMF you are to follow for submissions, please read and follow them carefully before submitting.  If you need any technical assistance with formatting, please contact: Evie, Rose-Ann, Aaron or myself, Sara (my email address in on my contact page at SM CADMAN).

Happy submitting!

Unleashed Ink II - BWC Anthology SMF & Guidlines-1


Previous examples of SMF and exactly what your submission should look like, below in PDF format:

1. GUIDELINE & TIPS – Standard Manuscript Format

2. TITLE PAGE – Standard Manuscript Format

3. NOVEL & SHORT STORY – Standard Manuscript Format


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