So I entered the same contest again but this time I’m winning… :)


So I entered the same monthly contest again and again my story is a finalist… :) It’s Sci-Fi genre, Time Travel. You can read, enjoy and vote for it by clicking on the above graphic. To vote, click on your choice at the upper right hand part of the screen:

Excerpt from Foretoken below:

‘Oh my god!’ I ran over to check on him, ‘Damn! That was fun. But I slipped on something…’ he said while laughing lying across the tracks, he reached down to his shoe with his right hand, ‘There I feel it, something metal is stuck to the bottom my shoe, what is it?’ he asked.  Worried, I moved down to look at his shoe, I peeled off a flattened penny from his sole, it had a strange circle with a stretched figure eight enclosed within it.

‘Jesus, who cares, it’s a flattened penny, we have to get you off the tracks, a train might come!’ I said pleading with him.
‘It’s weird. I can hear what you’re saying but somehow I can’t see you anymore,’ I saw a  river of blood flowing out from the back of his head while he laid upon the steel beam.
‘Connor? CONNOR! Stay with me!’ I yelled out, ‘It doesn’t work like that, keep the penny close to you. It will remind you of things that shouldn’t be, a token from the future,’ he shut his eyes and died.


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