07 – Here Comes the Sun

From The Beatles Writing Prompts ;)

Article 94


I’d hoped that Chuck’s flash fiction prompt would be up already, but he’s at Gencon, so I’m not sure when it will post. I’ll try to get another flash up today if/when Chuck’s prompt posts. Here are a 1000 words written to SM Cadman’s Beatles prompt:

* * *

Kamaria moped silently as she crushed more indigo root. The tapping and grinding noises the pestle and mortar made were almost hypnotic. Although she controlled the it, she felt as if like the root, her concentration was ground asunder. Whereas the ground indigo root would eventually be made into a salve, she wondered what would be the ultimate fate of her concentration. The event she witnessed that morning stuck with her like a burr clinging to her dress as she gathered the ingredients to her salve. She should’ve been pleased that the aged apothecary had entrusted her to start her training on a salve requiring the…

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