Writing Prompts, Week of Saturday August 1st to Saturday August 8th, 2015

Writing Prompts:

  1. The mountain looked intimidating, but her life depended on getting to the bottom.
  2. An office worker finds out that the president of the company took kickbacks and committed other crimes.
  3. Write two poems about a worm meeting an apple… one from the perspective of the worm and one from the apple.
  4. You’re shocked when your new E-Reader receives messages from alien civilizations in the Andromeda Galaxy.
  5. Write about geography. Pick a random place on a map and write about it. If you haven’t been there, imagine what it would be like.
  6. A slick criminal goes after all the lawyers in town, cutting their tongues but not killing them.
  7. Partially submerged, we could barely make out the shape of a…
  8. Close your eyes. Turn your head to the side. Count to 5. Open your eyes. Write about the first thing that comes into focus.
  9. A random act of kindness creates a stir in Sin City.
  10. As the light began to creep through the window…


Prompts from: Apple Apps Store, Writing Prompts by 21 x 20 Media, Inc. Download with iTunes here and from Writing.com. With grammar and typos of prompts corrected, copy-edited and tweaked for relevance.

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