#amwriting #NaNoWriMo #WritingPrompts, Week of Monday 11/23 to Sunday 11/29, 2015

Writing Prompts:

  1. The government limits ice cream flavors to three standard choices.
  2. The moon is more important than the sun because… (or vice-versa)
  3. Pick a city, province, state or country and write an acrostic with/for/about it.
  4. 61, 791, 615, 22, 5 and 9.
  5. She stopped to pick up the hitchhiker despite her parents warnings. What harm could an old woman do?
  6. Write a short story about a musician who, after years of artistic failure, finally finds his/her muse…
  7. “Now, let me tell you what really happened…”
  8. “…and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I lost my right shoe and my left sock.”
  9. A new store in the mall attracts some unwanted guests.
  10. Write a poem about the number 1.


Prompts from: Apple Apps Store, Writing Prompts by 21 x 20 Media, Inc. Download with iTunes here and from Writing.com. With grammar and typos of prompts corrected, copy-edited and tweaked for relevance.

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