The Addiction by Dave #Caturday #WritingPrompts #amwriting

@Truth4ever87 (Dave) used the cat themed Writing Prompt #1: An acquaintance suffers from a unique addiction to cats…

Above picture is of Dave’s cat, Oreo.

“I met Grace shortly after an Internet date. She was a special girl but she had an interesting habit, she loved cats.

This was an understatement; she lived and breathed cats. She had it all, books about cats. She wrote about cats. She even worked at a feline only groomer. It was unreal.

When I went over to her house for coffee, the first thing I was greeted with a furry rush between my legs. There were at least 10 cats there, cats ranging in breeds and sizes. She had big cats and small cats, kittens and elders.

I asked her why she had such an interest in cats and she told me that an aunt had a very loving tabby cat that she visited every day. It was a lovely story but it really didn’t answer the question as to why she served me cat food.”


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