And the book is out with #Foretoken! :) #fiction #shortstory

You can read the original post about my short story Foretoken here:

My short story, Foretoken a Sci-Fi YA about Time Travel is now available in a book entitled, Disorderly LivesAs promised, I’ve done it in a three-part serial and will release the second part of Foretoken, entitled Foretoken RED on my website in two to three weeks. The third part, Foretoken BLUE will follow a few months later :)

You can buy the book here on and at the UK site here, ISBN: 9781512093124.

A collection of short stories of varied genre, from twelve up and coming authors who have each won the monthly short story contest held by The Writer’s Notebook. These winning stories explore the diverse (and often dark) nature of human emotions and various forms of society. From the need for human affection no matter the cost, to survival in a dystopian future.

Contributing authors:
Andrew Newall, Misty Mikes, Ann Case, Katherine Hackett, Brian Cofflin, SM Cadman, Meghashri Dalvi, Vaun Murphrey, Nicola A. Ferguson, Anita Ponton, Peter Collins, Giovanni Cirillo, Sandra Rose

A multi-authored anthology named Disorderly Lives may suggest a chaotic read, this is anything but. Each story is faithful to its respective theme yet the collection manages to create a strong singular tone of plot twists and turns. Reading this collection felt like an enjoyable Sunday drive: The weather may have changed from sunny to broody and back again, the villages driven through may be completely different, but ultimately you were driving down one single road, full of sharp bends and blind spots. I highly recommend you pull on those driving gloves and take this book for a spin!

A HUGE thank you to: Van, Alicia, Dave, Thalwen, Owais and anyone and everyone that helped me with this. Love you all! <3


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