Beauty Hurts by Falk Stethin #poem #poetry #expressivewriting

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Excerpt from my article on Page To Pixels about Expressive Writing, entitled, Expressive Therapy: Write It Out. It can be read here

Beauty Hurts
by Falk Stethin

I’ve seen the Sunset
On the mountain tops
And twenty people
Sat and cried—
And sixteen of them
Didn’t know why!

Within beauty
Lies a despair
Unheard but felt
Unseen but sensed
Be it the transience
Be it the unusuality
Or the what you are not
Call it cry for happy
Or Sorgen Freude
Perhaps vita breve
But beauty hurts!

“After speaking with 68 year-old Falk Stethin, I’m convinced expressive writing can do something profound for all of us. He’s been journaling and writing, mostly poetry for over 50 years. It’s personal in nature and he writes only for himself. He’s currently dealing with cancer and describes a sense of cathartic release while writing.² He very kindly gave me a recent poem from his journal to publish on my site.”

²Falk Stethin (retired, senior citizen) in discussion with the author, July 5th 2016.