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#Caturday Writing Prompts!

  1. Why would they ask you to bring Catnip?
  2. She leaned in closely, her hand touching his collar. Her lips near his ear and said: “Get down off the kitchen table!” Sparky jumped down.
  3. If at first you don’t succeed, “try, try again.” Henry the cat thought. And that’s exactly what he vowed to do.
  4. Write a story or poem about a broken promise you made to your cat [or pet].
  5. Write a story about the loss of a cat [or pet].
  6. Deep in the forest, there lived a Turkish Angora cat the locals called…Turkish_Angora_in_Ankara_Zoo_(AOÇ)
  7. “The Ragamuffin cat, sir, had nothing to do with it!”
  8. Buried deep underground, a colony of Munchkin cats were working hard on a top secret project.gif munchkin
  9. While you dig the soil for a flower-bed, you find a mummified cat buried in a small sarcophagus
  10. A mysterious box shows up in your mailbox one day full of cat toys, kibble and a pink velveteen collar with a bell on it inside it…

Bonus! Write An Essay:
First, watch these documentaries on cats:

Wonderful World Of Cats – History Channel

The Secret Life of Cats – National Geographic

Now choose a specific mode of persuasion using rhetoric to best present your argument using this prompt:
“About 4,000 years ago Ancient Egyptians began keeping cats to control vermin and pests to protect food stores. Why are cats still so important to human beings today?”