Purrfect #Prompts For #Caturday #WritingPrompts! =^-^=

Purrfect Prompts For Caturday:

  1. And that’s when the Maine Coon meowed…
  2. The mountain looked intimidating, but Anica the cat’s life depended on getting to the bottom.
  3. Someone hands you a manila envelope at a diner. Inside is a secret message, but written in cryptic paw prints…

    (Curious Cat Walks Over Medieval Manuscript: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/03/130326-animals-medieval-manuscript-books-cats-history/)
  4. A veterinarian suspects that a Siamese cat he recently starting caring for, is a genius…
  5. Write a short skit for these cats: Snoopy, Lil’ Bub and Grumpy Cat.
  6. Instead of landing the space shuttle on earth, its captain, an Ocicat, steers the shuttle into…
  7. As I walked down the street I tripped over a puffy, ratty looking cat. I quickly took a picture of it and uploaded it to Google’s Reverse Image Search. I had found a Selkirk Rex

    (Selkirk Rex: http://animalia-life.com/image.php?pic=/data_images/selkirk-rex/selkirk-rex8.jpg)
    (Selkirk Rex: http://animalia-life.com/image.php?pic=/data_images/selkirk-rex/selkirk-rex8.jpg)
  8. Pick something about cats that either endears or disgusts you about them. Write a short poem about it.
  9. Write a Caturday acrostic.
  10. Use the idea behind the portmanteau Caturday, “Cat+Saturday”, to create your own cat related portmanteaus. Write down 2-5 of them. Use them in a short story, poem or piece of prose. Not feeling purrlicious about this idea? Try this with an unrelated topic, think of the word, Hangry, Hungry+Angry.

Real words: Anne Curzan at TEDxUofM