The 52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge


I’ve been in a slump with writing for the past year or so due to depression. But something brought me out of it when I saw a tweet from @write4wellbeing on Twitter today. It was simple enough and here’s what it said:

And Ray Bradbury was correct. There’s no possible freaking way to write 52 bad stories in a row! It was so simple I nearly fell out of my chair. I’ve been so concerned with getting it right on paper that it’s distracted me from actually doing; a bad case of perfectionism, worrying and obsessing over every minutiae involved with writing. I’m an INTP so my fear of failure is deeply hard-wired into me. Although I don’t always agree with Myers-Briggs, they are right about this personality trait, unfortunately.

So I’ve decided to take a chance and create a writing challenge for myself and anyone else struggling along or wanting something to do with meaning. I have no idea how this will turn out but I intend on writing a short story every dang week of the year. And I will post one every week too. The 52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge will begin on October 2nd 2016 and each story will be due on every Saturday thereafter for 52 weeks.

The challenge is this: Write a short story for every week of the year. Exactly what Ray Bradbury was quoted as saying. The rules will be simple. They are as follows:

  1. Write one story per week.
  2. The story must be between 200 and 7,000 words.
  3. A topic will be chosen and a type fiction will be handpicked by me or another person or persons.
  4. *A type of fiction will be chosen from this list of writing genres (essays. Creative Nonfiction and even Erotica will also be used): List of Writing Genres
  5. *A prompt or an idea for these stories will be given each of the 52 weeks.
  6. You must post it to your blog or website every week even if it sucks. If you don’t have a blog or website you must share it with a friend or email it to a friend.

*The idea is to get me and others like me writing again so you do not have to follow these two rules exactly, just write the damn story!

Simple, right? And we’ll “Keep it simple, stupid.” You can comment below or share your thoughts and ideas about this if you want to follow along or share your stories each week. For these posts for The 52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge I’ll leave the comments section open. Along with these posts, I hope to include various tidbits of writing tips and ideas on how to accomplish this writing feat. More to come! Stay tuned and prepare for October 2nd, 2016, the writing challenge begins then!

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  1. Fuck! This is what I need. I’ve stopped writing, or rather too many unpublished posts because they just aren’t good enough. Also because I’m stuck at a wedding reception with awfully loud and horrifically blasting music which has stripped away any chances for a proper conversation.

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