Caturday Writing Prompts! (A day early…) ;)

  1. You are watering your plants on your patio deck, when you hear a voice whispering your name. You turn around to see your neighbor’s cat Buster sitting there.
  2. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. The cat was walking on its hind legs!”
  3. Ask yourself “What If” questions about your pet cat. For example, “What if I woke up one morning and my cat had run away?”, “What if my cat started talking back to me?”
  4. A security camera records an unusual event with cats outside a liquor store in Queens, NYC. What are they doing?!
  5. Choose your favorite online celebrity cat (or pet) and write a story that involves his or her beginnings…
Famous Internet Cats by NuroNuro (Nurit Benchetrit).

Famous Internet Cats by NuroNuro (Nurit Benchetrit).

6. A random act of kindness by an elegant Tuxedo cat creates a stir on social media.

Max the Quarter Cat @QuarterCatMax

Max the Quarter Cat
@QuarterCatMax – Twitter.

7. Space pirates kidnap every house cat on earth… What happens next?
8. Catnip, kibble and feathers…
9. Write a fantastical account about the making of a special kind of catnip toy.
10. Wind blows through the trees, revealing a black cat…


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