The 52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge: It’s almost time to begin! Are you ready? :)

Swag graphics ;) Feel free to download and pass around or post on your blog/website: face-52-week-short-story-challenge-graphic

The first prompt for The 52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge will be posted on Sunday October 2nd, and it’s a doozy! (Stories will be due the following Saturday October 8th). It’s by @FuckinPrompts on Twitter and it has the potential to go in many different genres. So with that in mind, and to get us started plus more open and creative, I will leave the genre open with his writing prompt. Remember the story can be flash fiction (around 200 words) to an epic, full-stop story of 7k words. And if you feel like you can only do a little bit or are compelled to write more, that’s also great too! Just write :)

Here’s some great info on story writing by pro-author @AngelaAckerman on Twitter with, Showing vs. Telling. Read up and get yourself prepared, we begin on Sunday!