The 52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge begins! First Writing Prompt Posted :)


The first writing prompt for the challenge is from @FuckinPrompts on Twitter (and he’s just started a blog so I’ll update this post with a link to it later) is:

Could go many different ways, from Bizzaro fiction to Horror to even a Thriller or Drama, your choice! The genre I’ll leave up to you guys ;) You have until Saturday October 8th to finish it. When it’s done, post it or share it. I’ll also be doing this prompt too! If you choose to do microfiction and are using twitter or want to share the story you’ve written (have it retweeted) we’re using the hashtags: #52Weeks and #WritingChallenge.

And from author Susan Faw @susandfaw on Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling:

If you’re thinking of doing Bizarro fiction, I highly suggest you read author @ChristophPaul_‘s work and follow him on Twitter. He’s a master craftsman in this field of writing.

Enjoy, good luck and write on!



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