52 Week Short Story Challenge – Week 1 – A Vomitingly Awful Story by Thalwen

Here’s Thalwen’s story for the 52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge. It’s excellent!

Writer than a write angle

So, here’s my first entry for the 52 week writing challenge which is… awesome! Big thanks to Sarika and Fucking Prompts!

The prompt is:

Fuckin  Prompts  on Twitter   Subject prompt. Probably should ve checked the kitchen first.  WritingPrompt https   t.co Ita49xgfYW .png

And now……. I give you…..

A Vomitingly Awful Story

Karma is a bitch, a nauseatingly disgusting bitch.

I said this to myself lying on the bathroom rug in between bouts of the worst food poisoning I ever experienced and as a health inspector,  I experienced it a lot. It’s not the most glamorous job but it’s a job and it was one I thought I would enjoy. Make a difference, protect the public, or so I thought. Corruption is a thing. That salad bar that features at least four flavours of flies? Its owner pays my boss well to keep those lettuce leaves coated with fly eggs. That burger joint with the “chef” who makes sweet love to the patties? He’s the mayor’s nephew. So…

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