#52Weeks #ShortStory #AmWriting Challenge: Week 2 – The Future #Microfiction


From Week 2 prompt here:

From http://www.fmylife.com/
From http://www.fmylife.com/

The Future

“I’m not sure I like this new therapist,” I said to my best friend Trish. “I mean, he doesn’t even seem oriented to reality himself.”

“Why, what’s up Chris, what did you talk about exactly?” Trish asked.

“Life,” I responded. “Apparently noticing what’s wrong in the world today is a mental health issue now,” I stared off into space.

I worry too much about the future often neglecting to stay firmly attached to the present.

“Life sucks. And he doesn’t want to own up to it or do anything about it. How do I explain this to a guy in his 60’s who’s basically shafted subsequent generations, do I say, we blame you or what?” I smirked.

Trish stared at me. I knew exactly what she was thinking. It was a crushing feeling. Suffocating. That as the next generation coming up, we’ve been denied access to dictate our own future. So many of us with a better education than previous generations and access to information not allowed to change ourselves or the world we’ve inherited. And debt. Up to our eyeballs in it. Something previous generations didn’t face.

“I was talking to a guy who was wearing a watch that cost more than my first semester of college. I’m not sure I see a point in talking with a man who appears to be removed from reality himself. He’s bought into the Post-WWII Eduard Bernays kind of mentality for fuck sake. Throw stuff at everyone or buy it, feel better way of life,” I said.

“You going back to see him or what?” she asked.

“Nah. I don’t want to contribute to a way of life that’s fundamentally broken; not functioning for our future. I can’t buy into that. In a way, it’s unethical,” I said.

“I asked him if I was crazy. He basically said that wasa bit of a loaded question. If noticing reality is crazy, I’m not sure what he is exactly. But I’m sure I don’t want to know either.”

We sipped our coffee and stared off into space together. The future would come regardless. Maybe that was a good thing after all.