The Red Dawn

Another hilarious story from Thalwen. Read and enjoy! ;)

Writer than a write angle

Max wasn’t just a scientist, he was an innovator, a creator, at times he felt like he was God. God, psht, a universe. Max was on the verge of a breakthrough, something that would revolutionise modern society as we know it.

In his lab in the Catskills, he took a deep breath and pulled the lever.

And then….

It was alive.

What Dr. Maxim Borstein did on November 15, 2021 changed the course of human history forever.

That was the day ketchup came to life.

All it took was some genetic splicing, a few fish, a dash of angry bull, some butterflies, a computer that displayed a variety of human behaviours and a vat of agar agar and what once was a bottle of Russian Baltimore brand ketchup was a dripping, moving life form.

Max thought to call it, Heinz, after his normal brand, but the ketchup got very angry, it…

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