Warts: a media roundup

Great short story for Week 3 of the 52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge by Thalwen! :)

Writer than a write angle

This is for Week 3 of the #52Week Writing Challenge. This week’s prompt is by @nataliesbooks and it is just great! I had a lot of fun with this one, hope you all enjoy.


WMEW: This is Joe R.N. Liszt on the ground at the Poutine Building downtown where we have a breaking story. A frog is on the top floor of the building and police fear he may be a jumper. We have police, fire and paramedics at the scene. We will be talking to them, but first here’s traffic & weather.

BNN: This is Coyote Wrangler with breaking news. A suspected frog is on top of the Poutine Building. Why is he there? Is it suicide? Is it terror? Is this a potential clue to the MH370 missing plane? We will be back with famed frog psychic R. B. Eet.

DingoNews: This is Scream O’Loudly…

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