#52Weeks #ShortStory #AmWriting Challenge: Week 4 – A Letter From The Future. #Dystopian #SciFi #Futurism

From week 4 writing prompt here.

“Poor people don’t plan long-term. We’ll just get our hearts broken.”

Linda Tirado @KillerMartinis



Grade 7 class assignment: Read Linda Tirado’s article from The Guardian published online in the year 2014. Write her a letter explaining how our lives are much different today in 2214.

A Letter From The Future.

by Ilyās Eliyahu

10-27- 2214.

Dear Ms. Tirado,

It’s 2214, post World War III and poverty doesn’t exist. I don’t fully understand what you’re explaining but I will explain our future now. Your news article was given to us to read on our devices at the Education & Historical center. I have heard stories about giant shopping centers called, “Wal-Mart and Costco” and huge grocery stores too. Lots of mass consumption and consumerism.

We don’t have these places now. Some of these ruins still exist, we visited them on a class trip. We tour them between territories and forts using the Hyperloop tube. But most things now are locally cultivated and grown. But because Africa was terraformed in 2080, we also get amazing produce from there that’s managed to feed the entire world. No hunger exists anywhere on earth because of this. After the EMP bomb was detonated over North America from Russia in 2018, everything went dead or so I’ve been told. There was no power, no electricity, everything went off-grid in an instant. Everything that once was, was gone. No communications, not even vehicles ran. Anything with an electrical current was gone.

Wealth is now distributed evenly. There are no predatory banks offering limitless credit and no one source owns it all. The pyramid “scheme” no longer exists, the parasites at the apex of the pyramid that enslaved the masses are long gone now too. There are now 5 presidents in the area that once was America, one for each territory. They are changed every two years not every four. What’s interesting to note is how much prejudice there is during your time. The only prejudice we have now is for those who refuse to contribute, the waywards we refer to them as. Narcissistic and sociopathic entities, or NS’s are quickly identified and eliminated for the safety of all living things.

There is also no racism or hate against sexuality or gender. Soon after the war, many different types of people had to work together to survive out of sheer necessity. Religion and faith is also held dearly. We take faith and spirituality seriously and treasure others who do too. But we do not oppress others or force them into belief if they feel it is right for them. We are at peace with both believers and non believers alike. Every human life matters and so does their innate autonomy. It might also interest you that we admire agnostics and atheists too. Their contributions to society have been numerous in the realms of philosophy and reasoning. They are cherished. The people who survived were the ones who could best tolerate ambiguity and work towards the survival of all. Science had already proven that race didn’t exist, that there was only one species, or race, humans.

Everyone contributes to the best of their abilities. And we now have what’s called as the, “The Nine Paradigms of Humanity” in what once was North & South America. Many belong to more than one Paradigm, some contribute to all and play a part in each Paradigm. The nine paradigms are:

  1. Health, Biological Sciences & Safety
  2. Science, Engineering & Tech
  3. Military Sciences & Tech
  4. Communications & Tech
  5. Culture, Languages, Artists & Artisans
  6. Philosophical Inquiry, Religion-Faith & Laws
  7. Agriculture, Horticulture, Environmental & Farming Tech
  8. Education, History & Preservation
  9. Governance

Everyone participates in banking, industry and blockchain —and everyone is part of the ninth paradigm, Governance. No one group is better than another and everyone has gifts and talents that contribute to overall society, and to humanity. Communications are also managed by artificial intelligence, AI robots, overseen by people. Most hard labor is done by AI or what we call, the drone labor force. Light Fidelity, or LiFi managed wireless mesh node networks that connect us across the planet and even into space.

There are five colonies living on Mars and two on the moon as I write this. They went there about 15 years ago. The first human being born in outer space was born five years ago in one of the encampments on the Mars. We are very proud of her and her name is Alef, we watched her first steps live on Lightstream TV.

Things in health care have improved greatly too. Obesity rarely ever occurs, when it does it’s treated and cured in under a year. Cancers, were found to be viral and bacterial pathogens that caused epigenetic changes in us. They are treated accordingly with specialized genetic medicines and treatment, curing almost 99.9% of all cases in under five years. Certain cancers have been completely eradicated such as Breast Cancer. Gene therapy is done before birth in those from certain population groups too.

I read you also mentioned your teeth, teeth are now re-grown. Dental and periodontal disease no longer exists. Many things such as artificial limbs and even organs are grown. And we also look a little different from the people of your time. We’re sort of more homogeneous in type. We also dress much differently too.

The majority of mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, Schizophrenia and Bipolar illness and even Autism were found to be caused from bacterium in the Enteric Nervous System. They can be treated and cured within three years of onset. Addiction still happens but that too can be treated within the same time frame also.

Diabetes, both type I and II and even gestational diabetes, no longer exist. Babies are pre-screened before birth and DNA therapy with manipulation is done to correct this anomaly. One of biggest breakthroughs in heart disease, was understanding that fat and cholesterol had nothing to do with heart disease. But it had a lot to do with sugar consumption. This changed how we treated those affected and genetically engineered therapies were given before birth to treat any genetic precursors that would cause it. There are so many advances that I could go on for an entire length of a book! But I want you to know, that things get much better after the war. My great grandparents told me how bad it was during your time. But you know family, they always like to tell stories. I hope to write in the future too. I will be studying for both Culture, Languages, Artists & Artisans and Philosophical Inquiry, Religion-Faith & Laws paradigms. I was identified in grade 5 for having an aptitude in these areas. One day I hope I’m as good a person as you are and as good a writer too.



Ilyās Eliyahu