#52Weeks #ShortStory #AmWriting Challenge: Week 5 #WritingPrompt!


So for this week’s prompt, we’re going to rev things up a bit! Head over to the Page to Pixels Story Generator here first, click on the graphic:


It will give you a prompt scenario and names for your story. Press f5 until you get a prompt you like:


Then head on over to, The Most Dangerous Writing App, click on the graphic:


You can watch Daniel, the editor of Page to Pixels give this a go here:

Set the timer for three minutes of writing and begin! Any time you stop typing for 5 seconds or more, all work is lost. So keep going until three minutes is up. When it’s done, copy or take a screen shot of your story and share it! Don’t polish or edit it. This is an activity to spark creativity, break writers block and get you writing. Do your best with the prompt you get and remember to have fun! :)

Also, Page to Pixels is giving away a free, new Amazon Kindle if you subscribe to their YouTube channel! Great giveaway for those in the UK :) See the video below for details. And good luck!