#52Weeks #ShortStory #AmWriting Challenge: Week 5 – Roller World by Squirrel of Doom

And from Squirrel of Doom, her story from the MDWA & Page to Pixels generator :)

Writer than a write angle

This week’s challenge is to use the Most Dangerous Writing App In The World and it was hard, writing a story in 3 minutes??? Well, it’s not much of a story, but it was great fun and it definitely could be expanded into something more in more time.

Prompt is from Page To Pixels prompt generator which is totes awesome


Anyway here’s the “story,” more like a beginning :)

“Greg?” I had skipped training today. It was my first week on base, Greg’s too and I was bored. With an amusement park across the street though? I had ideas.
“Hey Carolyn, good to see you, playing hookey?”
“Yeah, my legs hurt after that run.”
“I don’t know why they bother, we’re not going anywhere.”
“A strong military yada yada yada.”
“One of the few jobs left, thanks to those defence contractors that finance the government”
“But we’ve bombed the hell…

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