#52Weeks #ShortStory #AmWriting Challenge: Week 7 – Luton Snappy Snaps by Squirrel of Doom!

Week 7 story from Squirrel of Doom! :))

Writer than a write angle

This one was haaaaard. Plus I had a long week. Plus this isn’t normally the kind of thing I write. Aaaaanyway, here’s the prompt from the ever lovely SM Cadman


Getting your photos printed takes forever. I guess I get it, but still, I’ve been waiting for like forever. By the time they are done, I will qualify for a pension. Oh it’s been a long week, an long and annoying week. There was work and then there was a series of really bad dates. My friend thinks she’s going to set me up, so I can get over her because her is silly.

Her and I met on holiday in New York city. There was a Drake concert downtown and my friend who I was visiting had tickets. We got to meet him backstage, take pictures, and there was her. She was beautiful, big dark soulful eyes, braids, and…

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