#NEW! #Caturday Creative #WritingPrompts =^-^=

Caturday Writing Prompts:

  1. You buy a weird cat statue from an antique store that makes you live in an earlier time.
  2. Write a short dialogue between two Burmese cats about the actions of a third Siamese cat.
  3. It was then Felix the Cat heard the music…
  4. Write about 3 different cats who find 3 different things in 3 different places on 3 different days.
  5. Albert Baby Cat narrates a story about his life.
  6. A feral cat in a park is awakened by an angel…
  7. “Attitude is everything”, she told me. I’m a cat. Doesn’t she think I know that already?
  8. Write a mock editorial about an inquisitive Munchkin cat. Make it about something you’d normally not write about at all.
  9. A storm picks up an American Shorthair cat and drops him off a long way from home. How does he get back?
  10. Write a letter from the happiest Persian cat in the world.